#SKY108 is a mindfulness and gratitude exercise; all you need is yourself and about 10 minutes, and if you have one, a mala in your hand with 108 beads. Lie on your back in a park, your garden, in a field or anywhere you can see the sky. Slow your breathing down by counting four seconds as you breathe in and four seconds as you breathe out. Take 108 deep breaths, look at the sky and feel gratitude. You can feel gratitude for life it self, for the people who are in your life by giving them one in- and out breath each, or anything you like. You decide.


I have always loved to lie on my back, get grounded with the earth, breath, and watch the sky. One day as I was looking at the sky, I felt the need to share this experience with people and SKY108 was born. It is that simple! Just stop, look up and enjoy the beauty of our world – completely free of charge. The clouds are like our thoughts – they come and they go. We don’t need to hold on to them, nor do we need to own them. Just let them pass and experience the peaceful reality behind our thoughts – the forever clear blue sky.


There is nothing in the world that money can buy that has more worth to us than our bodies, the sun, the sky, the water and the air we breath. Let us therefore appreciate what we have, our surroundings and realize how lucky we are. Just think about it, would you swap your eye and ears for a billion dollar? Probably not, so let us start appreciating ourselves as if we are worth more than a billion dollars.