Tanzania Wildlife

Together with Johan Ernst Nilson, one of the world’s most experienced explorers, I walked 400 km through the Serengeti nature reservation in Tanzania. The “Not A Walk In The Park” initiative was founded by Johan to create awareness around poaching and raise money to protect wildlife. I was invited to take pictures that are sold to support the rangers in Tanzania.

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The Story

Being in close proximity to these majestic animals, feeling the balanced eco-system in which they thrive in perfect harmony with each other was majestic. One animal’s death is another’s survival. I was amazed by how unafraid the zebras and other animals were of predators. They often roamed just a few meters from the lions and sometimes a zebra was caught and eaten, yet they seemed to have no concerns. Nature was just doing its job.

20.000 elephants are poached annually due to a misconception that the tusks are great for potency. The truth is that the tusks are more or less just huge nails.