Everland brings together forest communities and corporations in common cause to protect some of the world’s most important and vulnerable forests.

In December 2019 Create the Change was asked to documented one of the most scalable projects Everland represents, a REDD+ project initiated by Wildlife Works in the amazing rainforest of the Congo Basin, the second largest rainforest in the world.

REDD+ stands for “Reduction of Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation” and the + stands for supporting local community and biodiversity. It is a concept developed by UN in 2005 to create a value on rainforest for the forest communities without the need to cut it down. The community are educated on forest conservation to protect the forest and the animal that lives there. REDD+ creates a sustainable business model for everyone involved.
Everland represents 50% of the World’s REDD+ forest, approximately 5 million acres. Everland is a newly founded company by Gerald Prolman, previously the CEO of “Wildlife Works”. Wildlife Works was the first company to create a REDD+ project in 2011 in Kenya, Kasigau. Gerald founded Everland to support Wildlife Works projects around the world with sales and marketing.

Save the Earth,
one forest at a time.

The Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project protects 300,000 hectares (740,000 acres) of critical bonobo and forest elephant habitat within the world’s second-largest intact rainforest and some of the most important wetlands on the planet, the Congo Basin. 


Create the Change prodcued a project video to bring awareness to the project and tell the story about the people living and working here.



Create the Change will document many more Wildlife Works projects in the future to facilitate and support the marketing and sales efforts operated by Everland.


When an assignment like this lands in your life, it means that you will dedicate every waken hour to create the most impactful material possible, as to inspire people to take action and protect our beautiful planet, our nature and all of the incredible animals.


To the right is a brief description of the products.

Capture and document the current situation of the forest, wildlife and the community. Document the destruction from deforestation and all the negative impact but also show the positive impact REDD+ has.
Filip C Agoo will produce a series of high quality images to be sold as signed limited edition photo art. As always we at Create The Change donate a minimum of 50% of the prints to the cause we work with, so Everland will receive photo art to be sold on their web page and at auctions.
We will create two web series:
Forest Heros – meet the people who dedicate their life to save the rainforest and who it is home to. It will include interviews with the elders, medicin men, indigenous children, Minister of Environment and other government officials and conservation workers. We will also show the beauty of living a simple life in harmony with the rainforest. 1 episode / 6 weeks project.
Create The Change – Follow Filip C Agoo on his journey as a photo journalist, witnessing the current state of the rainforest on our planet. Learn about how to protect our planet, photography and experience the good and the bad, the happy and sad together with Filip. It will contain many beautiful meetings with people, the organisation of the ABC Charity productions with 500 children in the jungle and his daily life as a photographer/yogi/philosopher/husband/father/change maker and purposeful traveler.
The documentary film will be the crown jewel after the 18 months of production / 12 projects around the world. The story will be about the current rainforest situation on our planet, the people who call it home, everyone who dedicate their life to protect it and how we all can take action.
A global exhibition tour will take place together with the screening of the documentary film.
We will produce a few small photo books along the way and one major upon completion of the project.

Create with us

We are currently seeking companies and people who hold the UN SDG’s close to their heart. If that sounds like you then let’s connect and see how we can create positive impact together.

Filip C Agoo
Founder & Photographer / Create The Change
filip@createthechange.tv / +46 70 511 11 16